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Kidnappings rife in SA

Kidnappings rife in SA, ‘syndicates becoming more daring’ warns expert Johannesburg – Daring and sophisticated syndicates are eyeing multi-million rand targets as organised crime has shifted its attention to kidnapping wealthy business owners for hefty ransoms. Social activist Yusuf Abramjee has raised the alarm warning that South Africa needs to clamp down on it before […]

SA facing another Crime Wave

Criminals running circles around SA police

Hollywood-style heists amid a breakdown in law and order SOUTH AFRICA’S crime lords can be audacious. This month they waited until the country’s top security officials were busy preparing for a briefing on rampant crime at Johannesburg’s international airport, then struck again, hijacking a truck loaded with valuable cargo as it left the gates. The […]

Risk assessment and threat management.

Stratagem Risk International is a private security and risk management company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Stratagem Risk International provides a comprehensive range of physical security services designed around our clients’ specific needs.  These customised services allow our clients’ to move, work and exist freely and confidently within their chosen environment.  “Where ever that may […]

Tactical Response Vehicle

The Latest Stratagem – Risk International vehicle to hit the roads…

Armormax – Shelter from the storm.

Armormax SA specializes in the armoring of luxury vehicles to level B4 (High powered handgun) or a level B6 (High powered rifle e.g. AK/ R4/R1). If tragedy struck and you were to lose on of your loved ones, you would never forgive yourself. Especially if you knew you could have done more to protect them. Armormax provides […]