Armoured Cars

Given south africa’s high level of violent crime and hijacking there is a clear need for greater security.

Analysis of hijackings in s.a shows that the majority of hijackings are committed with handguns. These threats may be neutralized by entry level b4 vehicle armour.

Stratagem is able to provide level b4, b6 and b7 bullet resistant passenger vehicles for government officials, business executives, or any other individual who perceives a threat to their safety.

These vehicles offer clients protection from robbery, kidnapping, car hijacking or other violent attacks with handguns, shotguns or assault weapons.

By combining lightweight ballistic glass which is optically indiscernible from the original oem glass, with “armormax”, which is a combination of synthetic fibres, the entire passenger cabin is protected. This composite technology is ten times stronger than ballistic steel.

The vehicles used by stratagem can hardly be distinguished from a standard model of the same make. This acts as an added defense mechanism whereby the attackers experience a certain level of shock when their attempts to disable the vehicle by shooting at the occupants are completely unsuccessful. This gives the driver more than enough time to negotiate the situation and drive away as soon as possible in a safe and calculated manner.

These vehicles are fitted with run flat tyres and or safety bands. This means that you can continue driving after the tyres have been shot at, after driving over sharp objects or at danger points such as traffic lights, narrow places, and construction sites or in tunnels. The tyre change can wait till you are out of danger.

Stratagem consultants are able to assess your level of risk and provide the necessary information and options regarding which vehicle would best suit your needs.

Stratagem will attempt to source used protection model vehicles, convert existing standard vehicles to bullet resistant models or aid in the selling of these protection vehicles for clients who wish to upgrade their existing vehicles.