Aircraft Charter

We have fixed wing aircraft and helicopters available for charter. By providing protection personnel the aircraft and the pilots we are able to assure our clients of complete privacy, their destinations and security are not compromised by outside parties.

In co-operation with our professional and reliable partner, we place your order for helicopters and private aircraft of all kinds.

Ranging from turboprop to large jets, the fleet allows you to cover large distances in the shortest time possible. We strive to ensure that your every need is catered for so that you arrive at you destination rested and relaxed.

We offer a 24 hour service that includes flight monitoring from take off to landing. We also provide meals and many other services for example internet connections and fax facilities.

Benefits of private aircraft charter:

  • Chartering a private aircraft means that your travel plans and destinations are kept private and your conversations confidential.
  • Fly when and where you want.
  • Travel in absolute comfort.
  • Avoid long check in queues and other time consuming delays normally associated with commercial aircraft travel.

Chief Pilot:

Nic has over 7500 hours of flight time, is a grade 2 instructor and test pilot, and has five years experience as a qualified aviation safety officer.

All our pilots are mature, dedicated and highly experienced professional pilots who will meet the highest standard expected by you.  All our pilots are subjected to regular stringent proficiency training and evaluation.  The proficiency checks and recurrence training demanded from our pilots is aimed at keeping them at the highest level of skill and capability at all times.

All our pilots are evaluation, trained and supervised by our Chief Pilot and in-house Grade 1 Designated Examiner.

The aircrew draws experience from Medivac (Medical Evacuation Rescue), Corporate aviation, charter, airline and military backgrounds.

The Crew training includes regular:

Recurrent IF (Instrument Flying) training.

CRM (cockpit resource management) currency courses.

Dangerous Goods currency training.

Proficiency checks on emergency procedures in the aircraft.

Company SOP (Standard operating procedures) training.

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