About Stefan Grippa

StefanStefan Grippa has been involved in the security, firearms and tactical training industry for over 17  years.  He has also been involved in the private sector, retail, collectables, protection, corporate and various other facets of the security and firearm industry.

Having worked as an independent consultant and security advisor on both the local and international security circuits he is well aware of what is required to provide a world class security service to his clients.

Stefan has a hands on approach in all aspects of the business from employee interviewing and selection, training and the assessment of staff on the shooting range to personal consultation with clients.

Stefan believes strongly in building personal relationships with clients to ensure an intimate knowledge of their particular business and family lifestyle needs.  This relationship is one of the foundations of Stratagem’s success, and enables us to assess and monitor service levels at all times.

Over the years Stefan has developed strong business ties and good relationships with many local and international private security (PSC), military companies (PMC) and law enforcement agencies.  Due to this fact Stratagem now has access to a wide range of security related services which are provided by a long list of approved, tried and tested service providers at its disposal. These relationships ensure that Stratagem has the ability to react quickly and efficiently to crisis/emergency situations even in countries where we do not have personnel on the ground at that moment in time.  It also allows Stratagem to operate effectively in many remote parts of the world should the need arise.